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Our Testimonies


I am Jerrod Montgomery.  God blessed me with the opportunity to grow up in a good Christian home.  I attend Faith Baptist Church in Bourbonnais, IL, pastored by Dr. Terry Anglea.  I was saved when I was nine years old after a Wednesday night service.  At a mission’s conference, when I was fifteen years old, God began to work in my heart about missions.  I answered His call as a senior in high school and surrendered to be a missionary.  I graduated from Providence Baptist College, where I majored in Missions.  I had the opportunity to learn under veteran missionary Bro. Keith Harrison.  I was praying for guidance regarding where God would have me go. During a mission’s conference of my sophomore year, a missionary to Spain presented his work.  This is when God gave me a burden for Spanish-speaking people.  I began to pray about Spain, Mexico or Puerto Rico.  God made it clear to me in the summer of my sophomore year that He wanted me to be in Puerto Rico.  I graduated from college in May 2012, and was married in June 2012.  Also, Bernadette and I have taken two trips to Puerto Rico.


I am Bernadette Montgomery.  My family and I began to attend Northwest Bible Baptist Church when I was eighteen months old.  Pastor Keith Gomez was my pastor until I was married in June of 2012.  I was saved at a revival meeting held at Northwest Bible Baptist Church in July of 2000.  Evangelist Phil Kidd preached a message on hell in the Sunday morning service.  The Lord convicted me of my sin.  I struggled with embarrassment all day.  That same Sunday evening, I asked Jesus to save me while on the side of my bed.  I had the example of a great mom who followed my dad in every decision. Because of this, I surrendered to support my husband in any way he felt God wanted.  I am excited to be Jerrod’s helpmeet as we go throughout deputation and work in Puerto Rico together.

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