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Needs of the people, and our goals



Because Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, the people have grown used to depending on welfare and other government programs.  This has led to a lethargic attitude toward work and a dependence on the government.  Poverty level is 45.6% on the island.  Shacks thrown together will often serve as a home for an entire family.  The average family of four makes $11,000 a year. The average American family makes $27,000 a year.



There is much to be done in Puerto Rico for the cause of Christ.  We have many goals.  On this first term we are praying to accomplish.

1. Mastery of the Spanish language through language school.

2. Learning the Puerto Rican culture by working with Templo Bautista Independiente in Ponce, PR.

3. Start an Independent Baptist Church that is dedicated to Soulwinning.  This ministry will encompass all ages to be reached to include Spanish and English speaking Puerto Ricans.  A bus ministry and Sunday School classes are other ministries the church will strive to provide.


The island of Puerto Rico is split into municipalities.  These are bigger than cities in the United States, smaller than States; the best way to describe them is through counties or parishes.  There are 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico, 37 have no known gospel witness. This totals 1,116,100 souls that have never heard the truth of God’s gift of salvation!

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