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We are excited to be back on the road again. We look forward to a busy summer as we prepare to leave for Puerto Rico in November.


If you are a pastor looking to schedule a missionary, please feel free to contact us.

Deputation Trail



September 3

New Beginnings Baptist Church

Creston, IL

September 6

Grace Baptist Church

Marion, IA

September 7

Hillcrest Bible Baptist Church

Arkansas City, KS

September 10-13

Western Hills Baptist Church

Victoria, TX

September 17

Pleasantville, Baptist Church

Pleasantville, IA


September 17

Midwest Bible Baptist Church

Rochester, MN

September 24

Victory Baptist Church

Rockford, IL

September 25-28

Northwest Bible Baptist Church

Old Paths Conference

Elgin, IL


October 1

Iglesia Bautista Kishwaukee

Rockford, IL

October 4

Heritage Baptist Church

Roscoe, IL

October 8

Bethel Baptist Church

Lake Placid, FL

October 11

Lantern Park Baptist Church

Lake City, FL

October 13-15

Bible Baptist Church

Spanish Fort, AL

October 18-19

Iglesia Bautista Treasure Coast

Fort Pierce, FL

October 22

Memorial Baptist Church

Ocala, FL

October 25

New Horizon Baptist Church

Wade, AR

October 26-29

Talking Rocks Rd Baptist Church

Branson West, MO

October 29

Calvary Baptist Church

Branson, MO


November 1

Iglesia Bautista Roca Fuerte

Lafayette, LA

November 5

Helmer's Street Baptist Church

Houston, TX

November 5

Shady Acres Baptist Church

Houston, TX

November 6-10

Relief trip to Puerto Rico

November 11-15

Central Baptist Church

Center, TX

November 16-18

Iglesia Bautista Colonial

Mission, TX

November 19

Faith Independent Baptist Church

Waskom, TX

November 26

Faith Baptist Church

Bourbonnais, IL

November 29

Northwest Bible Baptist Church

Elgin, IL

November 30





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